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Floor Stripping

Stripping floors might sound like a harsh way of dealing with the surface, but a unique process employed to clean floors. In many cases, floor stripping is more of a last resort to cleaning when you are faced with some murky, hard, and stubborn dirt, smuggest and any other stuff, or substance that you need off your floor. Many of the potential customers that approach us to handle their floors that need some stripping have a notion that sanding is what will work best.

As much as that has some truth to it, sanding is not the only effective stripping method to use in cleaning floors. In addition, it works best when dealing with wooden floors, but then again other option too can clean wooden floors. Our floor stripping service has two main components. One is to rid the floor of any stubborn dirt and restore its former look and the second, is to revitalize that look via a good cleaning. Due to the effectiveness of stripping, we also have a list of customers who approach us for a professional help in dealing with their old floors.

Handling these kinds of floors needs a knowledge and skill that at times will come from years of handling floor cleaning. Old floors can be easily damaged during the restoration process, especially since it also involves cleaning. Our year of experience in floor cleaning and management are our greatest assets. We have the skill and expertise to offer floor stripping service, that work on the common hardwood floors, various wooden floors, and even stone, brick and other varied floors.

Floor stripping is a unique cleaning technique, and each floor type need a different stripping approach. Some will need the use of special chemicals, in the right quantities and mixtures or they may damage the surface. As professional in the line of floor cleaning, we strongly point out the stripping of floors is a delicate affair, and if you see that your floor is in need of such a cleaning process, then you need to consider floor stripping services from a reputable company. We have the work force and skill to handle the task and we offer the best and affordable floor cleaning rates.

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